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A Sindhi lawyer? Case-wani
A Sindhi lawyer after a case?: Purse-wani
A blue-skier Sindhi?: Akash-wani
What is a communist Sindhi called? Lalwani.
What is a Sindhi who falls from the first floor called? Thadani.
What is a Sindhi who falls from the 17th. floor called? Kriplani.
What is a Sindhi who falls from the 30th. floor called? Marjani.
Q: What is the most noteworthy contribution of the Sindhis- to Hindustani Music? A :- Raga Kirvani.
A god fearing Sindhi? Bhagwandas Godwani
A Sindhi milkman? Gopal Dudeja
A heroic Sindhi soldier? Hiroo Sipahimalani
A Sindhi pest control contractor? Khatmull Marwani
A Sindhi stripper working in New York? Barbra Jhangiani
A Sindhi casanova? Prem Kissinchandani
A Sindhi fire-engine? Bhambhani
A Sindhi detergent? Neelam Rindani
A Sindhi postman? Mailwani
A forgetful Sindhi? Bulo Bhulchandani
A fashionable Sindhi? Primlani
A fat Sindhi? Hathiramani
A Sindhi fly? Makhija
A downtrodden Sindhi? Nichani
A corrupt Sindhi? Chaipani
Why are a Sindhis nostrils big? - Because the air is free.

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