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do dost jis mein sey ik nake aur ik gunnah-gaar tha , bathey apney future k barey mein soch rahay they k kis ney jannat mein jana hey aur kis dozakh mein.nake aadmi kehta hey k woe nake hey is liyay woe jannat mein jayay ga gunnah-gar mein barey mein kehta hey k woe to dozzakh mein jayay ga. roz-e-hissab mein jabb nake aadmy jannat ki sair ker raha hota hey to usko gunnah-gar milta hein .nake aadmy us sey pochta hey k tumney to itney gunnah keyay to tum kaisey yahan per ayay
gunnah-gar jawab kehta hey k waisay mein ney jannat mein dakhil naheein
hona tha , mein sirf game base per aaya hon.

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