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Ainj dee koyee sohneyaa device honee chahi dee aey !
Poondi both side optimise honee chahi dee aey.

Signal nahee labdey Mundey poundey rehendey ney,
Kuree jithey jaey easy recognise honee chahi dee aey

Weyaah ho hi jana hondah, her kisey da kisey naal
Per Lareh wohtee dee wi koyee choice honee chahi dee aey

Papey naal chah roz, aey wi koyee nashta aey !
Kadee paratha kadee lasee kadee slice honee chahi dee aey

Ranjha Khajjal hondah rehenda, Ghabroo Punjab da
Koyee sohnee jaee Heer chilli spice honee chahi dee aey.

send ur comments to ... if u like this... i will post more poetry

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