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An insurance agent was after a sardar gee for quite long to sell him a policy...

Finally, one fine day sardar gee asked him to come and explain him what it is and how he can be benefited. So, insurance agent visited him and explained him the salient features. To convince sardar gee more about the insurance policy, the insurance agent started explaining him the return benefits.

Insurance agent: ?Your family will get the full amount of policy if you die, even if you have paid just one or two of the installments?
Sardar gee ""I don?t have family, I am not married""
Insurance agent: ""OK, your parents will get this""
Sardar gee: ""They are dead""
Insurance agent: ""Any of your relative whom you nominate""
Sardar gee: ""I don?t have any relative, I am alone""
Insurance agent: ""any charity organization or any one else whom u nominate, just any one""
Sardar gee: ""This policy looks like more like a sister of mine, every one can have it EXCEPT ME""

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