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Kaaba Sharif

Kiya Aap Kaaba Sharif k 4 kono k naam jantay hain?
1.Rukn -e-YAMANI
2.Rukn -e-IRAAQI
3.Rukn -e-SHAAMI
4.Rukn -e-ASWAD
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Waseem Mughal

"khanah E Kaaba Ki Aftaari"

khanah kaba mein Aftari k liye bichhaye jane wale dastrkhuwan ki lenght 12 km hoti hai, Ye Tuwaf ki jaga bichhaya jata hai, iss par 12 laakh Rozay Daar Daily Aftari krtay hen. Iss Aftari pr daily 10 laakh Saudi "Rial" kharcha hota hai, or dunya ki ye sb se barri Aftari srf 10 mint mein samait li jati hai, or farsh dho dia jata hai. Rozana 50 lakh dates or 20 lakh "Aab-e-zum zum" ki bottles Aftari mein istmal hoti hen.(SUBHAN ALLAH)

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The house of ALLah in Makha
The Kaaba is covered by a black cloth known as kiswa
Which changed in every year special factory is designed the
Kiswa in Makhah its cost approx. 17 million the cloth is made
Of 670kgs of silver, 120kgs pur gold, 50kgs of silver is used in writtening
Quranic Verses over the cloth the total area of cloth is 658sqm
Please contact on ?0301-7600913? or ? for comments and friendship.
Send one ?SMS And get 2 SMS

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Beautiful View of Karachi Airport
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