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Mohammad Iqbal

Four friends A, B, C, D Need to cross a bridge.

A maximum of 2 peoples can cross at a time.

It is night and they have just 1 lamp.

People that cross the bridge must carry the lamp to see the way.

A pair must walk together at the speed of slower person.

Speeds of:

A: 1 minute to cross bridge

B: 2 minutes to cross bridge

C: 7 minutes to cross bridge

D: 10 minutes to cross bridge

Now the question is... "What is the total minimum time required by all 4 friends to cross the bridge?"

· 0 Like · Oct 27, 2014 at 04:10
Category: Puzzles-and-Riddles
When i Grow Up
Posted by Aras Rahes
Posted on : Oct 25, 2016

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