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An insect falls into a mug of tea !
Englishman: throws the mug away and walks out.
American: takes the insect out and drinks the tea.
Chinese: eats the insect and throws the tea away.
Israeli: sucks the tea from the insect before throwing the insect
away and drinking the tea.
Pakistani: accuses the Indian of throwing the insect into his tea
and vows to reply in kind.
Indian: accuses Pakistan of helping the insect to infiltrate into the
mug, supplying it with nourishment to continue swimming in the tea,
blames it as a long term ISI operation, terms the insectasanIslamic militant,
then an Afghan mercenary, then a Pakistan army regular and finally a Pakistan SSG
commando in an undercover operation and
presents identity card of the bug to prove that it indeed is a
Pakistan army person in an undercover operation to change the status of LOC, and vows to defend every inch of the mug and every drop of tea.

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