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Imran Khan

Once there were a village in the Philippines called ANASTASIA VILLAGE, people are lively happy and all are frens. one day an stranger came to visit the village, the stranger name is SASSY, he is a GRRRRRR men. he shout inside the village HEYYYYYYYYY TO THOSE HANDSOME GUYS THERE there were many warriors will come to fight yur village and the warriors told me that ALL HANDSOME MEN must hide, cos if yu will not hide all handsome men will be killed and got cut into tiny pieces, then all handsome run into there respective places to hide, after how many minutes SASSY check them if all the man who hide are handsome and then he found this one ugly men, he ask WHY ARE YU HIDING YUR NOT EVEN HANDSOME? the men replied can yu keep a secret? SASSY replied YES, and then the man told him MOM TOLD ME THAT I AM HANDSOME BUT SHE KEEP IT SECRETLY heheehehehe so SASSY just get out and then scratch his head ( can yu smile there) hahahaaaaa

· 1 Like · May 12, 2015 at 06:05
Category: funny

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