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Ameera Gul

From : Pakistan
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Poetry / General

Ameera Gul

Wo Jo Khud Pairvi E Ahd E Wafa Karta Tha

Wo jo khud Pairvi-e-Ahd-e-wafa karta tha
Mujh se milta tha....tou Talqeen-e-wafa karta tha
Uss k Daaman mein koi phool nahi meray liye
Jo meri Tangi-e-Daamaan'' ka Gila karta tha
Aaj jo uss ko Bulaya tou wo Gumm-Summ he raha
Dil dharaknay ki jo awaz suna karta tha
Aaj wo meri har ikk baat k ma''ani poochay
Jo meri soch ki tafseer likha karta tha
Uss ki Dehleez pe sadiyon se kharra hoon ''Mohsin''
Mujh se milnay ko jo Lamhaat gina karta tha.

· 2 Like · Mar 20, 2018 at 03:03
Category: general
Social Wall / Text

Ameera Gul

Ae Bulandiyon K Rab

· 0 Like · Nov 14, 2016 at 19:11
Category: text
Social Wall / Photos

Ameera Gul

This Summer May Cross 45 Degrees.

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Category: photos
Poetry / Sad

Ameera Gul

Ek Bhola Sa Chehra Daga De Gaya

Ek bhola sa chehra daga de gaya,
pyar hi to kiya thaa gunaah to nahi,
phir kis bat ki saza de gaya.
dil hi to diya thaa, zehar to nahi
jataya thaa pyar, dhaya kaher to nahi
ye pyar hi hamko dhagya le gaya
ek bhola sa chehra daga de gaya
apne hi gair hain jana hai
saye ko hi hamse bair hai pahechana nhai
ye saya hi hamko saza de gaya.
ek bhola sa chehra daga de gaya

· 1 Like · Jun 16, 2015 at 09:06
Category: sad
Sms / Funny

Ameera Gul


your future depends upon
upon ur dreams so go to
sleep .hahaha

· 1 Like · Mar 12, 2015 at 01:03
Category: funny
Sms / Love

Ameera Gul


once there was a guy named harry ugen lovless he was working in texas under ground in 1991 after that he met a woman and he said to her love your eyes but before that he stabed her in a back and the he said remember the eyes are the window of the soul and if you want to hear more just contac with my e-mail (

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Category: love
Sms / Love

Ameera Gul

Boy With Girl Friend

One a boy was his girl friend. He want to say that how much he loves her. He said to the girl, I love you so much that I can do everything for you. Then the girl said, oh really will you promise not to marry me in the whole life?
Naeem jan

· 1 Like · Jan 11, 2015 at 11:01
Category: love
Whatsapp Messages / Valentines

Ameera Gul

Don`t Wait Until It`s Too Late 2 Tell Someone How Much U Luv, How Much U Care. Bcoz When They`re Gone, No Matter How Loud U Shout & Cry, They Won`t Hear U Anymore.

Don`t wait until it`s too late 2 tell someone how much u luv, how much u care. Bcoz when they`re gone, no matter how loud u shout & cry, They won`t hear u anymore.

Happy Valentine`s Day!

· 1 Like · Nov 28, 2014 at 09:11
Category: Valentines
Whatsapp Messages / Pappu

Ameera Gul

Cat: Meow...

Cat: Meow...

Pappu: Meow...

Cat: Meow Meow...

Pappu: Meow Meow...

Jeeto: Stop aping the cat!

Pappu: No Mum, it's not like that. Actually, OMG! I speak cat!

· 0 Like · Nov 18, 2014 at 16:11
Category: Pappu

Ameera Gul

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