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Abdul Qaddoos

From : Pakistan
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Abdul Qaddoos


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Abdul Qaddoos

Laclchi Shakhs Aur Uski Gayen

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Abdul Qaddoos

Itni Dosti Na Karo K Bigad Jayen Hum,

Itni Dosti na karo k bigad jayen hum,
Thoda danta bhi karo k sudhar jayen hum,
ho jaye gar humse koi khataa to ho jana khafa,
Magar itna bhi nahi k Mar hi jayen Hum

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Abdul Qaddoos

Dont Mind Pathan

Why does Pathan always smile during lightning storms?
They think their picture is being taken.

A Pathan goes to see the Movie Jurassic Park and when the Dinosaurs start
approaching he is cowering in his seat when his friend asks him
Kyon Khan Sahab, kya baat hai? Dar kyon lag raha hai cinema hi to hai
Pathan replies Aadmi hoon aur akkal hai, pata hai ki cinema hai lekin voh
to janwar hai, usko kya pata

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Category: funny
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Abdul Qaddoos

My Photo

when sardarji was asked why he was beaten up in public, he said,my photo from wallet felt in the bus & i told the lady sari uper karo photo lena hay.

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Category: sardar
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Abdul Qaddoos


There were 4 professors of Psychology, waiting for a train to come. Just then the train arrived and all the 4 professors rushed inside, only to realize that the train will depart after an hour. While wait at the railway platform, sipping the cup of tea, they started a discussion and did not realize the time.

One of the professors realized that the train has started moving and he ran and he caught the train. Seeing this, the second professor too caught the train. Seeing the second professor catch the train, the third one somehow managed to catch the pole of the last compartment and was able to catch the running train.

And the train, left the station. The fourth professor was left high and dry and the train departed. He started crying vehemently, ?I missed my train, I missed my train.? One passerby asked him why he was crying so loud and reassured him that after 20 minutes, one more train would come and go to the same destination where he had to go. And this professor said, ?It was me who had to travel in that train, the three professors who had caught the train had actually come to see me off.?

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Category: Missing You
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Abdul Qaddoos


One day a lady came in running into police station where santa singh was police inspector... And she said praji..praji gajab ho gaya
Santa singh asked bhenji ki ho gaya The lady replied mere pati 6 din pehle gobi ki sabji lene bazaar gaye the, aur abhi tak woh nahi laute hain
On that santa singh replied koi gal nahin bhenji, tusi aur koi sabji bana lo.

· 1 Like · Apr 29, 2015 at 05:04
Category: santa-banta
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Abdul Qaddoos

If U Need A .......


Messege Me

a friend

Call Me


E-Mail Me


The number u have
dialled is not responding plz try later
hahahahaha kasa

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Category: funny
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Abdul Qaddoos

Higher Studies

higher studies
Pathan sitting on the top of the mountain and studying.. When a person askied what he was doing.. He replied.. Oye! higher studies yaar...

· 1 Like · Feb 24, 2015 at 03:02
Category: funny

Abdul Qaddoos

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