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Nimrah Butt

From : Pakistan
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Poetry / Sad

Nimrah Butt

Gehray Rog

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Category: sad
Poetry / Sad

Nimrah Butt

Hasrat Bhari Nigaahoo''n Ko Aaraam Tak Nahi.

Hasrat Bhari Nigaahoo''n Ko Aaraam Tak Nahi....
Wo Yun Badal Gaya K Ab Salaam Tak Nahi,,,,,,

Jiss Ki Talab Mien Zindagi Apni Guzaar Di.....
Uss Bey_Wafa K Lab Pay Mera Naam Tak Nahi,,,,,

Jo Keh Gaye Thay Shaam Ko Baithien Gay Aaj Phir....
Kuch Saal Ho Gaye Koi Paighaam Tak Nahi,,,,,,

Madfoon Hun Terey Hijjar Ki Ek Aesi Qabar Mien.....
Kutbay Pay Jiss K Aaj koi Naam Tak Nahi,,,,,,

Bey_Ekhtyaar Uthtay Hain Meray Qadam Udhar.....
Haala''n_Keh Uss Gali Mien Mujhay Ab Koi Kaam Tak Nahi,,,,,

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Category: sad
Poetry / Poetry Sms

Nimrah Butt

Jahan Bhooli Hui Yaaden Daman Thaam Lein Dil.

Jahan Bhooli Hui Yaaden Daman Thaam Lein Dil Ka

Wahan Se Ajnabi Ban K Guzar Jana Hi Acha Hai.

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Category: poetry-sms
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Nimrah Butt

Profile Vs Tagged Photo

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Category: photos
Poetry / Sad

Nimrah Butt

Jab Log Judaa Ho Jaatay Hain.....

Jab Log Judaa Ho Jaatay Hain.....
Sab Ehad Hawa Ho Jaatay Hain,,,,,

Jab Niyyat Mien Fatoor Saa Ho....
Sab Amal Gunaah Ho Jaatay Hain,,,,

Jab Teray Baaray Men Sochien....
Sab Lafz Dua Ho Jaatay Hai,,,,,

Jab Ghurbat Dar Pay Dastak Day....
Sab Yaar Khafa Ho Jaatay Hain,,,,

Jab Waqat Dikhaata Hai Ankhien....
Sultaan Gadaa Ho Jaatay Hain,,,,

Tu Jab Bhi Meray Saath Na Ho......
Tehwaar Saza Ho Jaatay Hain,,,,,,

Jab Nafrat Lafzo''n Mien Utray.....
Tab Apnay Judaa Ho Jaatay Hain,,,,

Ye Duniya Hai Aye Meray Dost......
yahaa''n Insaan Khuda Ho Jaatay Hain,,,,,

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Category: sad
Jokes / Miscellaneous

Nimrah Butt

Pappu Baar Baar Apna Facebook Ka Password Bhool Jata Hai

Pappu baar baar apna facebook ka Password bhool jata tha.

Usne socha mein facebook ka password kya rakhu jo kabhi na bhooloon..

Usne password rakha " INCORRECT "

Ab jab bhi wo galat password enter karta
Computer usey khud bata deta Ur password is "Incorrect"

Pappu Rocked, Facebook Shocked

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Category: miscellaneous
Jokes / Miscellaneous

Nimrah Butt

There Was This Guy At A Bar

There was this guy at a bar, just looking at his drink. He stays like that for half of an hour.

Then, this big trouble-making truck driver steps next to him, takes the drink from the guy, and just drinks it all down. The poor man starts crying. The truck driver says, "Come on man, I was just joking. Here, I''ll buy you another drink. I just can't stand to see a man cry."

"No, it's not that. This day is the worst of my life. First, I fall asleep, and I go late to my office. My boss, outrageous, fires me. When I leave the building, to my car, I found out it was stolen. The police said that they can do nothing. I get a cab to return home, and when I leave it, I remember I left my wallet and credit cards there. The cab driver just drives away."

"I go home, and when I get there, I find my wife in bed with the gardener. I leave home, and come to this bar. And just when I was thinking about putting an end to my life, you show up and drink my poison.

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Category: miscellaneous
Poetry / General

Nimrah Butt


be waja nahee rota ishq mein ghalib
jisay khud se barh kar chaho woh rulata zaroor hai

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Category: general
Social Wall / Text

Nimrah Butt

Dear God, Thank Your For Being There

Dear God, Thank Your For Being There where nobody else was.

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Category: text

Nimrah Butt

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