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Submit - Urdu Meaning and Translation of Submit (بھیجیں - bhejen), Total 4 meanings for Submit , Roman Urdu Meaning for word Submit , Synonyms, Antonyms, Image/Illustration, English Definition and more.

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اطاعت اختیار کرنا

ita-at ikhtiyar karna

اپنے آپ کو حوالے کرنا

apnay aap ko hawalay karna

عرض کرنا

arz karna

کچھ پیش کرنا

kuch paish karna


English definition for submit

1. v. accept or undergo, often unwillingly

2. v. accept as inevitable

3. v. put before

4. v. submit or yield to another's wish or opinion

5. v. refer for judgment or consideration

6. v. make an application as for a job or funding

7. v. yield to the control of another

8. v. hand over formally

9. v. make over as a return

10. v. refer to another person for decision or judgment

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Submit is an EP by the British band Pitchshifter, released in April 1992 by Earache on LP, MC and CD.
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