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شوربے یا پانی میں بھیگی ہوئی روٹی

shorbay ya pani mein bheegi hui roti





تر کرنا

tar karna


English definition for sop

1. n. a prescribed procedure to be followed routinely

2. n. a concession given to mollify or placate

3. n. piece of solid food for dipping in a liquid

4. v. cover with liquid; pour liquid onto

5. v. dip into liquid

6. v. be or become thoroughly soaked or saturated with a liquid

7. v. give a conciliatory gift or bribe to

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A sop is a piece of bread or toast that is drenched in liquid and then eaten. In medieval cuisine, sops were very common; they were served with broth, soup or wine, and then picked apart into smaller pieces to soak in the liquid.
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