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سونے یا چاندی کا تار

sonay ya chaandi ka taar

زری کا کام

zari ka kaam

ندی نالوں کا چھل چھل بہنا

nadi naloon ka chhal chhal behna


English definition for purl

1. n. a basic knitting stitch

2. n. gold or silver wire thread

3. v. make a murmuring sound

4. v. embroider with gold or silver thread

5. v. edge or border with gold or silver embroidery

6. v. knit with a purl stitch

7. v. flow in a circular current, of liquids

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Purl or wormwood ale is an English drink. It was originally made by infusing ale with the tops of the wormwood plant, especially the variety which grows in coastal salt marsh, which is called old woman.
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