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Iss - Urdu Meaning and Translation of Iss (آئی ایس ایس - aayi s s), Total 1 meaning for Iss , Roman Urdu Meaning for word Iss and more.

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آئی ایس ایس
مُخفّف "(International Space Station(NASA"
"Ion-Scattering Spectromet"
"Iron and Steel Society"
"Independent Subway System"
"Imaging Science Subsystem"
"Iranian Statistical Society"
" Integrated Surveillance System"
"Inspection Selection System"
"Interactive Session Support"

aayi s s
makahffaf" ( international space station ( nasa "
" ion-scattering spectromet "
" iron and steel society "
" independent subway system "
" imaging science subsystem "
" iranian statistical society "
" integrated surveillance system "
" inspection selection system "
" interactive session support "

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