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دکھانے والا

dikhanay wala



بھر مار کرنا

bhar maar karna

مینہ کا چھینٹا

meen ka chhenta

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تیز باران



باران تند / رگبار


English definition for shower

1. n. washing yourself by standing upright under water sprayed from a nozzle

2. n. a plumbing fixture that sprays water over you

3. n. a sudden downpour (as of tears or sparks etc) likened to a rain shower

4. n. a party of friends assembled to present gifts (usually of a specified kind) to a person

5. n. someone who organizes an exhibit for others to see

6. n. a brief period of precipitation

7. v. take a shower; wash one's body in the shower

8. v. provide abundantly with

9. v. spray or sprinkle with

10. v. expend profusely; also used with abstract nouns

11. v. rain abundantly

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A shower is a place in which a person bathes under a spray of typically warm or hot water. Indoors, there is a drain in the floor.
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