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سیلانی تھئیٹر

selani thyitr

پانی میں چلتا بھرتا تھئیٹر

pani mein chalta bharta thyitr

دریائی دخانی کشتی جِس میں اداکار بھی ہوں اور اداکاری کے لیے اسٹیج وغیرہ بھی

daryai dukhani kashti jiss mein adakar bhi hon aur adakari ke liye stage waghera bhi


English definition for showboat

1. n. a river steamboat on which theatrical performances could be given (especially on the Mississippi River)

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A showboat, or show boat, was a floating theater that traveled along the waterways of the United States, especially along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, to bring culture and entertainment to the inhabitants of river frontiers.
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