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پلاسٹر کرنے کی پٹی

palaster karnay ki patti

طولانی قصہ

tolani qissa

شکایت کا طومار

shikayat ka tomaar


English definition for screed

1. n. an accurately levelled strip of material placed on a wall or floor as guide for the even application of plaster or concrete

2. n. a long piece of writing

3. n. a long monotonous harangue

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Screed has three meanings in building construction. 1) a flat board (screed board, floating screed) or a purpose-made aluminium tool used to smooth and true materials like concrete, stucco and plaster after it has been placed on a surface or to assist in flattening; 2) a strip of plaster or wood applied to a surface to act as a guide for a screed tool (screed rail, screed strip, screed batten); 3) the material itself which has been flattened with a screed (screed coat).
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