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بلند کرنا

buland karna

اونچا اٹھانا

ooncha uthana

قائم کرنا

qaim karna

تعمیر کرنا

tameer karna





مسئلہ چھیڑنا

masla chairna

اعتراض کرنا

aitraaz karna

سرفراز کرنا

sarfraz karna

زندہ کرنا

zindah karna

مزاحمت کرنا

mazahmat karna

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بہانے والا - آنسو بہانے والا





بہانے والا - آنسو بہانے والا


English definition for raise

1. n. the act of raising something

2. n. increasing the size of a bet (as in poker)

3. n. the amount a salary is increased

4. n. an upward slope or grade (as in a road)

5. v. cause to become alive again

6. v. raise the level or amount of something

7. v. increase

8. v. put an end to

9. v. raise in rank or condition

10. v. invigorate or heighten

11. v. bring (a surface or a design) into relief and cause to project

12. v. multiply (a number) by itself a specified number of times: 8 is 2 raised to the power 3

13. v. establish radio communications with

14. v. activate or stir up

15. v. cause to be heard or known; express or utter

16. v. pronounce (vowels) by bringing the tongue closer to the roof of the mouth

17. v. put forward for consideration or discussion

18. v. cause to assemble or enlist in the military

19. v. bet more than the previous player

20. v. bid (one's partner's suit) at a higher level

21. v. summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic

22. v. construct, build, or erect

23. v. cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques

24. v. create a disturbance, especially by making a great noise

25. v. call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)

26. v. move upwards

27. v. raise from a lower to a higher position

28. v. cause to puff up with a leaven

29. v. collect funds for a specific purpose

30. v. give a promotion to or assign to a higher position

31. v. bring up

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