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Quester - Urdu Meaning and Translation of Quester (دریافت کرنے والا - daryaft karnay wala), Total 1 meaning for Quester , Roman Urdu Meaning for word Quester , Image/Illustration, English Definition and more.

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دریافت کرنے والا

daryaft karnay wala

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1. n. someone making a search or inquiry

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Quester (クエスター, Kuesutā) is an arcade game, which was released by Namco in 1987 only in Japan. It runs on Namco System 1 hardware, and represents the company's response to Taito Corporation's Arkanoid (which was released in the previous year); however, its graphics and sound effects are considered superior to both the original Arkanoid video game and its immediate sequel, Revenge of Doh.
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