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Planetarium - Urdu Meaning and Translation of Planetarium (افلاک نما - ), Total 2 meanings for Planetarium , Roman Urdu Meaning for word Planetarium , Image/Illustration, English Definition and more.

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افلاک نما

aflaaq numa

ایک فلکیاتی مشین جو اپنے پُرزوں کی حرکت سے ایک قائم بالحکم چھت پر سیاروں اور دیگر اجرام فلکی کی حرکات کی تصویر پیش کرتی ہے



English definition for planetarium

1. n. an apparatus or model for representing the solar systems

2. n. an optical device for projecting images of celestial bodies and other astronomical phenomena onto the inner surface of a hemispherical dome

3. n. a building housing an instrument for projecting the positions of the planets onto a domed ceiling

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A planetarium (plural planetaria or planetariums) is a theatre built primarily for presenting educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and the night sky, or for training in celestial navigation.
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