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تھکا ہوا گھوڑا

thaka howa ghora

بدنام عورت

badnaam aurat

تھکا دینا

thaka dena





ایک سخت قیمتی پتھر

aik sakht qeemti pathar


English definition for jade

1. n. an old or over-worked horse

2. n. a light green color varying from bluish green to yellowish green

3. n. a woman adulterer

4. n. a semiprecious gemstone that takes a high polish; is usually green but sometimes whitish; consists of jadeite or nephrite

5. s. of something having the color of jade; especially varying from bluish green to yellowish green

6. v. exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress

7. v. get tired of something or somebody

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Jade is an ornamental rock. The term jade is applied to two different metamorphic rocks that are composed of different silicate minerals:
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