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بے نقاب کرنا

bay naqaab karna

فاش کرنا

faash karna



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English definition for explode

1. v. increase rapidly and in an uncontrolled manner

2. v. burst outward, usually with noise

3. v. burst and release energy as through a violent chemical or physical reaction

4. v. be unleashed; emerge with violence or noise

5. v. cause to burst with a violent release of energy

6. v. show (a theory or claim) to be baseless, or refute and make obsolete

7. v. show a violent emotional reaction

8. v. drive from the stage by noisy disapproval

9. v. cause to burst as a result of air pressure; of stop consonants like /p/, /t/, and /k/

10. v. destroy by exploding


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