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Epyllion - Urdu Meaning and Translation of Epyllion (مُختصر رزمیہ نظم - ), Total 3 meanings for Epyllion , Roman Urdu Meaning for word Epyllion , Image/Illustration and more.

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مُختصر رزمیہ نظم

Mukhtasir razmia nazam

ایک چھوٹی نظم

aik choti nazam



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In classical studies the term epyllion (Ancient Greek: ἐπύλλιον, plural: ἐπύλλια, epyllia) refers to a comparatively short narrative poem (or discrete episode within a longer work) that shows formal affinities with epic, but betrays a preoccupation with themes and poetic techniques that are not generally or, at least, primarily characteristic of epic proper.
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