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1. n. insect having biting mouthparts and front wings modified to form horny covers overlying the membranous rear wings

2. n. a tool resembling a hammer but with a large head (usually wooden); used to drive wedges or ram down paving stones or for crushing or beating or flattening or smoothing

3. s. jutting or overhanging

4. v. beat with a beetle

5. v. fly or go in a manner resembling a beetle

6. v. be suspended over or hang over

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Beetles are a group of insects that form the order Coleoptera. The word "coleoptera" is from the Greek κολεός, koleos, meaning "sheath"; and πτερόν, pteron, meaning "wing", thus "sheathed wing", because most beetles have two pairs of wings, the front pair, the "elytra", being hardened and thickened into a shell-like protection for the rear pair and the beetle's abdomen.
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