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Abdulla Amin

From : Pakistan
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Poetry / Poetry Sms

Abdulla Amin

Yea Janon Hai K Sakoon Hai

Yea janon hai k sakoon hai

Mere char soo sirf aik tu

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Jokes / Miya Aur Biwi

Abdulla Amin

Dour Mai First

aik sahib hanptay kanpate ghar mein daakhil hue. unhon ne haath mein aik chandi ka cup pakra howa tha biwi ne poocha. yeh cup kahan se mila ?
miyan ne kaha : daud mein first aaya hon .
biwi ne poocha : dosray aur teesray number par kon aaya ?
miyan ne kaha : dosray number par police constable aur teesray number par cup ka maalik .


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Jokes / Ustaad Aur Shagird

Abdulla Amin

Tell The Name Of This Bird By Only Seeing It Legs

In Biology Practical
Examiner: Tell the name of this bird by only seeing it LEGS
Students: I can''t say
Examiner: You are FAIL, What is your name?
Student: See my legs and tell my name


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Quotes / Urdu Quotes

Abdulla Amin

Azm O Himmat

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Quotes / Urdu Quotes

Abdulla Amin

Nafs Pe Qaabo

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Quotes / English Quotes

Abdulla Amin


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Jokes / Miscellaneous

Abdulla Amin

Expiry Date

A 95 year old man sucks his 90 year old wife's breast
for half hour and drinks two drops of milk and dies.
Postmortem report: Died because of drinking something
after expiry date.

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Jokes / Miscellaneous

Abdulla Amin

Abba Ka Danda

two kids were boasting about their dads valuables, one said ""meray abu ka to itna bara ground hay kay oos kay aik konay say doosray koonay tak jaanay kay liyay humay jahaz chahiyay hota hay"".. doosray nay kaha ""acha meray abu kay pass itna bara danda hay kay jab barish nahi hoti to log abu say kehtay hain kay aap danda mar kay badal hilaain to paani barsay ga"" pehlay nay kaha ""to yaar tumharay abu yeh danda rakhtay kahan hain""
doosra bola ""tumharay abu kay lawn may""

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Jokes / Miscellaneous

Abdulla Amin


Q : Had u ever heard about the death of a women by VIAGRA?
A : A man eats 6 VIAGRA and his wife died :-)

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Category: miscellaneous
Jokes / Miscellaneous

Abdulla Amin

*****song Of Osama *****

Main Niklaa Aeroplane Le Ke....
Raste Mein New York Pe...
Ik Mod Aaya .....
Main Trade Tower Tod Aaya...

Rab Jaane Kab Guzraa....
New York..........
Kab Pentagon AAya..
Main Uthey Aeroplane Fod aaya.......

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Category: miscellaneous

Abdulla Amin

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