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Posted by Today in History
Posted on : Jun 14, 2014

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What Is 3d Printing And How Does It Work?

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Shahida Malik

Game Of Thrones Vanity Fair Cover

TV Series wallpapers

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Nadeem Jamal

Ik Shakhs Jo Mera Yar Hota Tha

ik shakhs jo mera yar hota tha
apny sy ziada us peh aitibar hota tha

phir yon howa k muj sy roth geya wo shaid
warna na muj sy uska takrar hota tha

donoo main thi rafaqatian aur ulfatain b thi
usko b shaid muj sy bohat payar hota tha

ik din yon howa k rabtaiy b na rahay
jiskay didar ka ham ko intizar hota tha

samaj saka na muj ko NAZ bus dukh hai yahi
warna to us peh jan-o-dil nisar hota tha

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Haya Jalal

Muslims/ Non Muslim

once there was a non muslim and a muslim.they both were friends.the non muslim asked the muslim that i want to go some where.tell me a place.he said that u can go to IRAQ.he said no i dont want to go there because there are many muslim there.then the muslim told the non muslim that he could go to iran and he replied the same.then he said that u can go to pakistan.he replied that that place is infected with muslims.the muslim bacame angry and replied that:""u can go to HELL,U WONT FIND ANY MUSLIMS THERE.

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Amin Lakhan

Mangne K Liye Waqt

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Bollywood Music Videos

'daawat E Ishq' Title Song

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