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Peshawar Incident

(انا لله وانا الیه راجعون)
Please pray for the fast recovery of the children's who are injured due to Peshawar incident and surah-e-fatiha for the one's who have been martyred. May Allah give them the highest rank in Jannah. AMEEN

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Obaidullah Khan

Ocean Explore

Creative & Graphics wallpapers

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Udas Logoon Se

Udas Logoon Se

Udas logon se
pyaar karna koy tu sekhe.
Safed lamhon main
Rang bharna koy tu sekhe
Koy tu aye
Khizan main patay ugane wala
.Guloon ki khushbo
Ko kaid karna koy tu sekhe
Koy dekhaye
Mohabbton ke cherag mujh ko
Meri nigahon se
Baat karna koy tu sekhe
Koy tu aye
Nayi ruton ka pagaam le kar
Andheri ratoon main
Chaand banna koy tu sekhe

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Amin Lakhan

Like An Onion

My love is like an onion,
It has many layers,
which add taste in your
life, but if you try to cut
it off it may bring tear in your life.

Aftab khan

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Amna Omar

Last Year, I Asked Santa For The Sexiest Person Ever For Christmas... I Woke Up In A Box!

Last year, I asked Santa for the sexiest person ever for Christmas... I woke up in a box!

Merry Christmas!

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Moiz Arshad

X Men Days Of Future Past 2014

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