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Cute Baby Doll
Posted by samreen anjum
Posted on : Oct 25, 2014

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Ramadan Kareem Facebook Cover (Blue)
Posted by iJunoon
Posted on : Jun 26, 2014

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Ali Gul Pir - Kaisa Dia? (Official Music Video)

A satirical song on the entertainment industry of Pakistan.

· 1 Like · Jan 02, 2015 at 10:01
Category: videos Tags: Ali gul pir
Sms / Love

Samra Mushtaq

Love Is Sweet Poison

Love is sweet poison:
Do not consume without your beloved?s advise
and keep out of reach of children
and keep it in cool and dark place

Aftab khan

· 1 Like · 24 Minutes Ago
Category: love
Jokes / Miscellaneous

Madiha Shahid

When A Paki Grabbed An Indian S Football

An Indian and Pakistani Guy both lived next door 2 each other.
One day found that his Paki neighbour had somehow gained posession of a new football.

So he went round and says to the guy ""Oy mate thats my football, i want it back!""

Paki says ""It-s in my garden mate, which makes it mine""

Indian guy says ""Ok, listen lets sort this out like men, what we-ll do is kick each other in the goolies and whoever gets up in the quickest time gets to keep the ball, Ok?""

""Ok"" says the paki

So they both go off and put on their hardest shoes and meet back.

Indian guy says ""I-ll go first"" and with that he took a run up and gave the paki a whallop in the groin.

The paki, severly shaken, injured and bleeding, manages to stand up and says ""that took me 20seconds, now its ur turn"".

Indian guy turns round and says ""Keep the fuc*ing ball, it-s not mine anyway! Haha!!

· 1 Like · 2 Hours Ago
Category: miscellaneous
Quotes / Urdu Quotes

Pinky Queen


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Category: urdu-quotes
Sms / Love

Eshwa Khan

The Human Brain

The human brain is most outstanding thing??.
it functions 24hrs 365 days?..
it functions right from the time u r Born?.
until you fall in love

Aftab khan

· 1 Like · 5 Hours Ago
Category: love
Poetry / Relegious

Muzammil Shahzad

Allah Farmata Hai

Allah Insaan Sey Fermata Hey
Meri Teraf A Ker To Dekh
Mutawjah Na Hoon To Kehna
Meari Rah Main Chal K To Dekh
Rahain Na Khool Doo To Kehna
Mujh Sey Sawal Ker K Dekh
Bakhshish Ki Hud Na Ker Doon To Kehna
Meray Liye Beyqader Ho K To Dekh
Qadar Ki Hud Na Ker Doon To Kehna
Meray Liye Lut K To Dekh
Rehmat K Khazaney Na Luta Doon To Kehna
Meray Liye Bik K To Dekh
Anmool Na Ker Doo To Kehna
Mujhey Rab Maan K To Dekh
Sab Sey Beyniyaaz Na Kerdoo To Kehna
Meray Khuaf Sey Ansoo To Baha K To Dekh
Maghfirat K Darya Na Bahadoo To Kehna
Wafa Ki Laaj Nibha K To Dekh
Ataa Ki Hud Na Kerdoon To Kehna
Meray Naam Ki Tazeem Ker K To Dekh
Hakim-e-Takreem Ki Inteha Na ker Dun To Kehna
Apni Hasti Ko Fana Ker K To Dekh
Jam-e-Baqa Sey Serfaraze Na Kerdoo To Kehna
Mujhey yahayu ya qayoom Maan K To Dekh
Abdi Hayat Ka Ameen Na Banadoon To Kehna
Mera Ho K To Dekh
Her Kisi Ko Tera Na Bana Doon To Kehna

· 1 Like · 6 Hours Ago
Category: relegious