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Posted by iJunoon
Posted on : Nov 10, 2009

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Ramadan Kareem Facebook Cover (Blue)
Posted by iJunoon
Posted on : Jun 26, 2014

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Whatsapp Messages / Interesting

Asfand Yar

Dear Tummy, Sorry For All The Butterflies;

Dear Tummy, sorry for all the butterflies;

Dear Pillow, sorry for the tears.

Dear Heart, sorry for the damage.

Dear Brain, you were right.

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Mobile Aya Aur Sab Gaya

Mobile Aya P.C.O Khatam
Mobile Aya Watch Khatam
Mobile Aya Torch Khatam
Mobile Aya Tape Khatam
Mobile Aya Khat Khatam
Mobile Aya Radio Khatam
Mobile Aya Calculator Khatam
Mobile Aya Camera Khatam
Mobile Aya Eid Card Khatam
Rahman Malik aya Mobile Khatam :p

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Wallpapers / Logo And Brands

Fatima Zehra

Windows 7 Glow Blue

Windows wallpapers

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Whatsapp Messages / Pranks

Shama Qadir

If I Were An Artist, You Would Be My Picture.

If I were an artist, you would be my picture.

If I were a poet, you would be my inspiration.

If I were an author you would be my story.





But when it comes to you, I would rather prefer to be a cartoonist!

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Whatsapp Messages / Good Morning

Shaista Anam

Do You Know The Meaning Of Morning?

Do you know the meaning of morning?

In the Cricket of Life, Morning is an extra inning given by GOD to play and win.

Have a winning morning!

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Category: Good-Morning