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Peshawar Incident

(انا لله وانا الیه راجعون)
Please pray for the fast recovery of the children's who are injured due to Peshawar incident and surah-e-fatiha for the one's who have been martyred. May Allah give them the highest rank in Jannah. AMEEN

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Mehreen Ali

Boy Asked God, `why She Loves Rose Which Dies In A Day, But Doesn`t Love Me Who Dies For Her Every Day?`

Boy asked God, `Why she loves rose which dies in a day, but doesn`t love me who dies for her every day?`

God replied, `Mast hai! Put it on Facebook!`

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Luqman Mali

For You, She Was A Chapter.

For you, she was a chapter.

For her, you were the book.

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Quotes / Urdu Quotes

Memoona Aqeel

Halaal Luqma

Halaal luqma khate raho, ALLAh dua qabool kare ga.

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Bushra Shah

Our Friendship Has Become More Of A Habit.

Our friendship has become more of a HABIT.

Even if you take out H-A BIT remains;

Take out A-BIT remains;

Finally, take out B-IT remains!

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Whatsapp Messages / Santabanta

Nimrah Butt

Judge: What's The Proof That You Were Not Over Speeding?

Judge: What's the proof that you were not over-speeding?

Santa: My Lord, I was going to my in-laws place to bring my wife back.

Judge: Case dismissed!

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