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Life is a paradox:
Posted by Obaidullah Khan
Posted on : Oct 14, 2014

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Ramadan Kareem Facebook Cover (Blue)
Posted by iJunoon
Posted on : Jun 26, 2014

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Jokes / Miscellaneous

Shahbaz Ishaq

Ap K Pas Wo Wala Msg Hai

Ap k pas wo wala msg hai
jis me 1 Bewaqoof sirf
"Nahi" likh k reply karta he?
Jaldi Batao, plz...

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Category: miscellaneous
Sms / Santa Banta

Nasir Alam


Banta and Santa buy one race horse each after learning about big money in racing. Says Banta, How do we identify which horse is mine and which one is yours? Santa Singh replies, I will cut the tail of my horse and so the horse without a tail will be mine and the one with a tail will be yours. So they cut the tail of the horse. But in the night their naughty kids cut the tail of the other horse too. And the next day Banta Singh is worried and says, I will cut one of the ears of my horse so the horse with one ear will be mine and the other one will be yours. The next night the kids cut the other horses ears too. And so it goes on until the horses lost their ears, eyes, had broken noses etc. And in the end both horses were left only with bare legs and were just barely living. Both Santa and Banta were frustrated. At last Banta says, BAHUT HO GAYA. SAFED WALA GHORA MERA, KALA WALA TERA

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Category: santa-banta
Poetry / 0

Mohammad Afzal

Aaj Puchun Ek Sawaal Aapse

Kyu mere dard se tum
Bechain rehte ho,
Aankhon se keemti moti baha dete ho,
aaj puchun ek sawaal aap se,
kyu dour hoke bhi
Mere pass rehte ho...?

Aansuo ko chupate ho,
kyu har hadd paar karte ho,
Aaj puchun ek sawaal aapse,
Kyu mehfil mein bhi
Tanha ho jate ho...?

Bina andhere k ujala nahin hota,
kyu jise chaho woh pass nahin hota,
Aaj puchun ek sawaal aapse,
Kyu humse apne
Aansoo chupa jate ho...?

Kyu dhadkano mein hai pyar hota ,
Kyu kisi ko kisi pe hai Naaz hota ,
Aaj puchun ek sawaal aapse,
Kyu aapko hamari bewafaai pe yakeen nahin hota....?

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Social Wall / Photos

Aftab Ahmed


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Quotes / English Quotes

Moiz Arshad

These Times Are Hard

these times are hard, but they will pass.

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Category: english-quotes