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Posted by iJunoon
Posted on : Jun 26, 2014

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A Drunken Man Phoned The Local

A drunken man phoned the local
police department to report that
thieves had been in his car.

“They have stolen the dashboard,
the steering wheel, the brake pedal,
even the accelerator,â€‌ he cried out.

However, before the police investigation could start,
the phone rang a second time,
and the same voice came over the line.

“Never mind,â€‌ the drunk said with a hiccup.
“I got in the back seat by mistake.â€‌

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Poetry / Sad

Toot Kar Zara Dekho

toot kar zara dekho,

tum agar bikhar jao,

bay basi me ghir jao,

dil say ik sada dena,

bus mujay bula lena,

mein tumhe sanbhaal longa,

zindagi me chalnay ka,

rasta badalnay ka,

ik hunar sikha donga,

tumko hosla donga,

or jab,

sambhal jao,

roshni me dhal jao,

mujko yun sila dena,

tum mujay bhula dena...!

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Nimrah Butt


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Nike Football: Dare To Be Brasilian

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Nadeem Moti


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