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Posted on : Mar 08, 2012

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Posted on : Jun 26, 2014

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Ali Gul Pir - Kaisa Dia? (Official Music Video)

A satirical song on the entertainment industry of Pakistan.

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Quotes / Urdu Quotes

Ali Awan Malik

Achi Baat

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Sms / Marital Woes

Mohammad Ali Shah


1 mulla ki shadi nahin ho rahi thi,wo mannat mangnay gya wahan uski maa khai men gir gai,Mulla bola Ya KHUDA teri Khudai,Apni to mili nahin Abba ki bhi gawai

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Samreen Anjum

Haar Jeet

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Poetry / Relegious

Muzammil Shahzad

Ya Allah

Teri Azmaton Say Hoon Bay Khabar
Ye Meri Nazar Ka Kasoor Hai
Teri Rah guzar Main Kadam Kadam
Kahin Arsh Hai Kahin Toor Hai
Ye Baja Hai Malik-E-BandAgi
Meri Bandagi Main Kasoor Hai
Ye Khataa Hai Meri Khataa Magar
Tera Naam Bhi To Ghafoor Hai
Ye Bata Tujh Se Miloon Kahan
Mujhe Tujh Say Milna Zaroor Hai
Kahin Dil Ki Shart Na Dalna
Abhi Dil Nigahon Say Dor Hai

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Category: relegious
Jokes / Miscellaneous

Maleeha Bukhari

A Paki At A Fix With His Computer

Dear Bill Gates,

This letter is from A Pakistani from a small villege near Rawalpindi.

We have got a computer in our home and we face some Problem, which I
want to bring to your notice.

After connecting to Internet we planned to open an email account. But
when ever we fill the Form of Hotmail, in password field only *
comes.But in rest of the fields whatever we typed comes but we faced
problem only in Password field. We checked with Hardware vendor and he
said that there is no problem in keyboard. Because of this we have
opened the email account with password *****. But I request u to check
this as we our self don't know what is the password!!!.

The next one is that we are unable to enter anything after we shut down
the computer.

There is a button for start but not for pause, stop as in stereo
recorder. We request u to add the same in future.

There is a option as RUN in menu. This one of my neighbor after
started running and he has run up to Islamabad from Rawalpindi. So we
request u to change that to SIT. So that we can click that by sitting.

One doubt is that can I click Re cycle bin. I own a scooter in my home.
Is there a separate option as Re scooter bin available in the system?

Next, Microsoft outlook we are able to see the outerview of the mail.
there an in look through which we can have inner view of the mail?

The last one is my wife has lost the door key of ourhouse. So I
for the same in search option of start icon. But I did not find the
there also . Is it a bug?

Rest In next letter.

Yours Anonymously,

A Pakistani, B.E Computer Science (Lahore University)

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Category: miscellaneous