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kacha doodh paka doodh
Posted by iJunoon
Posted on : Jun 20, 2011

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Ramadan Kareem Facebook Cover (Blue)
Posted by iJunoon
Posted on : Jun 26, 2014

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Jokes / Miscellaneous

Muhammad Irfan

Tumne Aakar Meri Kabar Pe

تم نے آکر میری قبر پے ،
ذرا سا مسکرا دیا . . .
بجلی کڑک کے گر پڑی ،
سارا کفن جلا دیا . . .
Tumne aakar meri kabar pe,
Zara sa muskura Diya...
Bijli kadak ke gir padi,
Sara kafan jala Diya...

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Category: miscellaneous
Sms / Love

Madiha Shahid

A Boss And An Employ

once upon a time an employ called at his boss home and asked her wife about his boss she said your boss had died before a week again the next day he called to his boss home and asked the same question and she answered the same as yesterday days passed and he did the same thing again and again at last she said how many times i told you your boss had passed you know what he siad he said i love listening this all the time that my boss had passed away.

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Category: love
Social Wall / Text

Sadaf Butt

Birthday Game.

BIRTHDAY GAME : Add your birthday date &
about yourself.

For ex: 20.02.1998
2+0+0+2+1+9+9+8 = 31 = 3+1 = (4)

Note : add digits until you get a single digit
number must comment your result !!
If you get,

1 = your love is true
2 = your family is good
3 = your voice is sweet
4 = your life is going great 5 = your lover is
deeply in love with you
6 = Partly talented person
7 = intelligent
8 = born to win
9 = confused person..!
Comment Yours..!!


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Category: text
Quotes / Urdu Quotes

Hammad Yousuf

Waqt Aur Doulat

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Category: urdu-quotes
Sms / Eid Mubarak

Mehwish Shahzadi

Main Na Hotta Tu?

سورج نے کہا . . میں نا ھوتا تو گرمی کی شدت کا احساس کسے ھوتا .
چاند نے کہا . . میں نا ھوتا تو عید کی خوشیاں ا کسے ملتی .
محبت نے کہا . . میں نا ہوتی تو دنیا میں بھائی چارے کی فضا کیوں قائم ہوتی .
دولت نے کہا . . میں نا ہوتی تو دنیا کا نظام کیسے چلتا .
غربت نے کہا . . میں نا ہوتی تو خدا کو یاد کون کرتا .
نماز نے کہا . . میں نا ہوتی تو کافر اور مسلمان میں کیا فرق رہ جاتا .
soraj ny kaha ..main na hotta tu germi ki shidat ka ehsaas kessy hotta.
chaand ny kaha..main na hotta tu eid ki khushiyaan kessy milti.
mohabat ny kaha..main na hotti tu duniya main bhai chaaray ki fizza keun qaim hotti.
dolaat ny kaha..main na hotti tu duniya ka nizaam kaisay chalta.
ghurbat ny kaha..main na hotti tu Khuda ko yaad koon kerta.
namaz ny kaha..main na hotti tu kafir or musalman main kya farq reh jata.

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Category: eid-mubarak