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Royal Island Resort, Maldives
Posted by iJunoon
Posted on : Feb 21, 2013

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Ramadan Kareem Facebook Cover (Blue)
Posted by iJunoon
Posted on : Jun 26, 2014

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Quotes / Urdu Quotes

Amna Obaid

Gunah Aur Tauba

گناہ کو پھیلانے کا ذریعہ بھی مت بنو کیوں کہ ہو سکتا ہے آپ تو توبہ کر لو! پر جسکو آپ نے گناہ پر لگایا ہے وہ آپ کی آخرت کی تباہی کا سبب بن جائے۔

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Wallpapers / Celebrities

Aras Rahes

Rose Hathaway In Vampire Academy

Celebrities wallpapers

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Sms / Love

Mahu Arish

That Is Love

U want and u get that is luck,
u want and u wait that is time,
u want but u compromise that is life
u want but u sacrifice that is LOVE

Aftab khan

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Social Wall / Photos


Mawra Hocane With Her Mom

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Whatsapp Messages / Good Morning

Arsalan Ahmed

Life Isn't Qualified By The Brand Of Clothes We Wear;

Life isn't qualified by the brand of clothes we wear;

Or car we drive;

It's measured by the number of faces who smile when they hear our name.

Good Morning!

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