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Posted on : Feb 01, 2010

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Ali Gul Pir - Kaisa Dia? (Official Music Video)

A satirical song on the entertainment industry of Pakistan.

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Jokes / Miscellaneous

Shahida Malik

General Musharuff And Vajpayee

General Musharaf, Vajpayee, Madhuri Dixit and Margaret Thatcher are travelling in a train.
The train goes thru a tunnel and it gets completely dark.
Suddenly there is a kissing sound and then a slap!
The train comes out of the tunnel.
The women and Musharaf are sitting there looking perplexed.
Vajpayee is bent over holding his face, which is red from an
apparent slap.

All of them remain diplomatic and nobody says anything.
Thatcher is thinking: These Indians are all crazy after Madhuri.
Vajpayee must have tried to kiss her in the tunnel.Very proper that
she slapped him.
Madhuri is thinking: Vajpayee must have moved to kiss me, and kissed
Margaret instead and got slapped.
Vajpayee is thinking: Damn it, Musharaf must have tried to kiss
Madhuri, she thought it was me and slapped me.
Musharaf is thinking: If this train goes through another tunnel, I
could make another kissing sound and slap Vajpayee again.

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Quotes / Urdu Quotes

Abdul Sattar


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Sms / Marital Woes

Sarmad Ali

Kutty K Bachy

Boy: mujh sy shadi karo gi?
Girl: kyaa!

Boy: achi film hai na!!!
Girl: kutty k bachy.

Boy: WHAT????
Girl: kitny cute hotty hain na!

if any girl or aunti want some fun so plz mail me on my email i--m waiting

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Cricket Match Results

New Zealand v Pakistan | New Zealand Board President's XI v Pakistanis VS | Match Result

Pakistan tour of Australia and New Zealand, Tour Match: New Zealand Board President's XI v Pakistanis at Lincoln, Jan 27, 2015
New Zealand Board President's XI won by 1 wicket (with 1 ball remaining)
#cricket #MatchResult

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Quotes / Urdu Quotes

Babar Ali

Rozi Ka Inehsar

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