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1 وڌیڪ استعمال یا بار بار پائڻ سبب گٺل، تمام پراڻو، گھڻو چوڙیل:

I threw the shoes away because they were worn-out

مون پنھنجا جوتا اڇلائی ڇڍیا ڇو ته اھی بلڪل پراڻا ٿی چٍڪا ھئا۔

2 ڍاڍو ٿڪل، چٍور چٍور:

He's worn-out after his long journey

ڊگھی سفر کانپوءِ ھو ڍاڍو ٿڪل ھو۔

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English definition for worn-out

1. s. drained of energy or effectiveness; extremely tired; completely exhausted

2. s. used until no longer useful

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