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پلک جھپکنا

palak jhapakna

آنکھ مارنا

aankh maarna

آنکھ سے اشارہ کرنا

aankh say ishara karna

اغماض کرنا

aghmaz karna

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سترگہ وَھَل





English definition for wink

1. n. a reflex that closes and opens the eyes rapidly

2. n. closing one eye quickly as a signal

3. n. a very short time (as the time it takes the eye blink or the heart to beat)

4. v. briefly shut the eyes

5. v. signal by winking

6. v. force to go away by blinking

7. v. gleam or glow intermittently

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A wink is a facial expression made by briefly closing one eye. A wink is an informal mode of non-verbal communication usually signaling shared hidden knowledge or intent.
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