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بر انگشت

bar angasht

اناڑی پن سے بجانا

anaari pan say bajana

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ھتھ جو آگوٹھو/آنگوٹھو

بٹہ گوتہ





English definition for thumb

1. n. a convex molding having a cross section in the form of a quarter of a circle or of an ellipse

2. n. the part of a glove that provides a covering for the thumb

3. n. the thick short innermost digit of the forelimb

4. v. feel or handle with the fingers

5. v. travel by getting free rides from motorists

6. v. look through a book or other written material

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The thumb is the first digit of the hand. When a person is standing in the medical anatomical position (where the palm is facing to the front), the thumb is the outermost digit.
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