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شَیٔ، ٽولٍ، ڳالھه، معاملو، ڪم:

1 ڪا شَیٔ:

?What's that red thing

ھوءَ ڳاڙھی شَیٔ ڇا آھی؟

2 ڪیل یا ٿیل ڳالھه:

A strange thing happened to me yesterday

ڪلھه مون سان ھڪ عجیب ڳالھه ٿی۔

3 خیال یا موضوع:

We talked about a lot of things

اسان گھڻن ئی موضوعن تی ڳالھایو۔

4 (pl. things) پنھنجون یا ذاتی شیون:

?Have you packed your things for the journey

ڇا تو سفر لاءِ پنھنجو سامان ٻڌو آھی؟

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شی ءِ/چیز


شے ءِ


English definition for thing

1. n. a separate and self-contained entity

2. n. an action

3. n. an artifact

4. n. an entity that is not named specifically

5. n. any attribute or quality considered as having its own existence

6. n. a vaguely specified concern

7. n. a special abstraction

8. n. a special objective

9. n. a statement regarded as an object

10. n. an event

11. n. a persistent illogical feeling of desire or aversion

12. n. a special situation

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