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بھم پہنچانا

bhum pahunchana

مہیا کرنا

muhayya karna

حاضر کرنا

haazir karna

فراہم کرنا

faraham karna

پورا کرنا

poora karna

کمی پوری کرنا

kami poori karna

ملائمت سے

mulaimat say

چاپلوسی سے

chaploosi say


English definition for supply

1. n. the activity of supplying or providing something

2. n. offering goods and services for sale

3. n. an amount of something available for use

4. v. state or say further

5. v. provide what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance

6. v. provide or furnish with

7. v. circulate or distribute or equip with


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