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داغ یا نشان ڈالنا

daagh ya nishaan daalna

نقص نکالنا

nuqs nikalna

پتا لگانا

pataa lagana

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1. n. an act that brings discredit to the person who does it

2. n. a job in an organization

3. n. a business establishment for entertainment

4. n. a playing card with a specified number of pips on it to indicate its value

5. n. a lamp that produces a strong beam of light to illuminate a restricted area; used to focus attention of a stage performer

6. n. a small contrasting part of something

7. n. a blemish made by dirt

8. n. an outstanding characteristic

9. n. a section of an entertainment that is assigned to a specific performer or performance

10. n. a short section or illustration (as between radio or tv programs or in a magazine) that is often used for advertising

11. n. a mark on a playing card (shape depending on the suit)

12. n. a point located with respect to surface features of some region

13. n. a small quantity

14. n. a slight attack of illness

15. v. mark with a spot or spots so as to allow easy recognition

16. v. become spotted

17. v. make a spot or mark onto

18. v. mar or impair with a flaw

19. v. catch sight of

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Spotted lunulae is a distinctive change that occurs with alopecia areata.
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