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جال بننا

jaal bun-na

طوالت دینا

tawalat dena

منہ پھیر دینا

moun phair dena

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English definition for spin

1. n. a distinctive interpretation (especially as used by politicians to sway public opinion)

2. n. rapid descent of an aircraft in a steep spiral

3. n. a short drive in a car

4. n. the act of rotating rapidly

5. n. a swift whirling motion (usually of a missile)

6. v. prolong or extend

7. v. twist and turn so as to give an intended interpretation

8. v. work natural fibers into a thread

9. v. form a web by making a thread

10. v. make up a story

11. v. revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis

12. v. cause to spin

13. v. stream in jets, of liquids

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