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1. n. sports equipment consisting of a sharp point on the sole of a shoe worn by athletes

2. n. a long metal nail

3. n. any holding device consisting of a sharp-pointed object

4. n. a long sharp-pointed implement (wood or metal)

5. n. a sharp-pointed projection along the top of a fence or wall

6. n. a transient variation in voltage or current

7. n. a sharp rise followed by a sharp decline

8. n. (botany) an indeterminate inflorescence bearing sessile flowers on an unbranched axis

9. n. fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn

10. v. manifest a sharp increase

11. v. add alcohol to (beverages)

12. v. bring forth a spike or spikes

13. v. secure with spikes

14. v. pierce with a sharp stake or point

15. v. stand in the way of

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