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کٍڍ۔ ٽپو، ٺینگ:

With one jump, the horse was over the fence

ھک ئی ٽپی سان گھوڙو لو ڙھی جی ھٍن پار ھو۔

ٽپو ڍیڻ ، کڍڻ ، ٺینگ ڍیڻ :

1 ٽنگن جی زور تی ٿپو ڍیڻ :

The cat jumped onto the table

ٻلی ءَ میز تی ٽپو ڍنو :

The horse jumped over the wall

گھوڙو ڀت تان ٽپیو ۔

2 ٽپو ڍیڻ ۔تکری حرکت کرڻ :

He jumped into the car and drove away

ھوٽپ ڍیئی موٽر ۾ ویٺو۽ گاڍی کاھ ویو ۔

3 حیرانیءَ یا خوف ۾ ڇِرک ڀرڻ :

A loud noise made me jump

وڍی آواز تی آئون ڇرک ڀری اٍٿیس۔

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English definition for jump

1. n. the act of jumping; propelling yourself off the ground

2. n. descent with a parachute

3. n. a sudden involuntary movement

4. n. (film) an abrupt transition from one scene to another

5. n. an abrupt transition

6. n. a sudden and decisive increase

7. v. go back and forth; swing back and forth between two states or conditions

8. v. rise in rank or status

9. v. increase suddenly and significantly

10. v. pass abruptly from one state or topic to another

11. v. bypass

12. v. enter eagerly into

13. v. make a sudden physical attack on

14. v. start (a car engine whose battery is dead) by connecting it to another car's battery

15. v. move or jump suddenly, as if in surprise or alarm

16. v. move forward by leaps and bounds

17. v. cause to jump or leap

18. v. jump from an airplane and descend with a parachute

19. v. run off or leave the rails

20. v. jump down from an elevated point

21. v. be highly noticeable

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Jump or Jumping primarily refers to the physical action of jumping, that is, propelling oneself rapidly upward such that momentum causes the body to become airborne.
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