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مائل، لاڙو رکندڙ، آمادھه۔

be inclined to

1 کجھه کرڻ ڍانھن مائل ھئڻ :

I don't want to tell Susy about this - she's inclined to ge angry

آئون ھِن بابت سٍوسیءَ کی کجھه چوڻ نٿو چاھیان ، ھوءَ ڍاڍی چیڙا ک آھی ۔

2 کو کم کرڻ جو خواھشمند :

I'm inclined to agree with you

آئون توسان سھمت ٿیڻ تی مائل آھیان ۔

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English definition for inclined

1. a. at an angle to the horizontal or vertical position

2. a. (often followed by to') having a preference, disposition, or tendency

3. s. having made preparations

4. s. used especially of the head or upper back

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