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رک رک کر چلنا

ruk ruk kar chalna

اٹک اٹک کر کام کرنا

atak atak kar kaam karna

ناہموار رفتار

na hamwar raftaar

بہکی ہوئی چال

behki hui chaal




English definition for hobble

1. n. the uneven manner of walking that results from an injured leg

2. n. a shackle for the ankles or feet

3. v. strap the foreleg and hind leg together on each side (of a horse) in order to keep the legs on the same side moving in unison

4. v. walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury

5. v. hamper the action or progress of

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To hobble means to walk in an impeded manner, as if with a physical disability or injury, or to cause an animal or person to do likewise.
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