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وراثت پانے والا

waarsat panay wala

مِیراث پانے والا

Meeras panay wala

جائِیداد میں قانونی حِصّہ دار

jaedad mein qanooni hissa daar

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English definition for heritor

1. n. a person who is entitled by law or by the terms of a will to inherit the estate of another

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A heritor was a privileged person in a parish in Scots law. In its original acceptation, it signified the proprietor of an heritable subject, but, in the law relating to parish government, the term was confined to such proprietors of lands or houses as were liable, as written in their title deeds, for the payment of public burdens, such as the minister's stipend, manse and glebe assessments, schoolmaster's salary, poor rates, rogue-money (for preventing crime) as well as road and bridge assessments, and others like public and county burdens or, more generally, cess, a land tax.
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