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سٺو، عمدو، تمام اعلیٰ :

1 مرضی مطابق کم کندڙ :

تمام سٺی نمونی ٺاھیل :

It's a good knife - it cuts very well

اھو سٺو چاقو آھی چگی نمونی وڍی ٿو :

The flim was really good

گلم سچ پچ سٺی ھئی ۔

2 سٺو ۽ پسند کرڻ جھڙو :

Have a good evening

خوشگوار شام ماڻیو

The weather was very good

موسم تمام سٺی ھٺی ۔

3 سٺو کم کندڙ:

She's a good driver

ھٍوءَ سٺی ڊرائیور آھی ۔

4 مھربان یا صحیح کم کندڙ :

It's good of you to help

توھان جی مھربانی جو مدد لا ءِ آیا :

The children were very good while you were out

توھان جڍھن ڀاھر ھٍئا ته ٻار ڍاڍو سٺو ھلیا ۔

5 صحیح ءِ مناسب:

This is a good place for a picnic

ھِی ءَ جاءِ تفریح لا ءِ ڀَلی آھی ۔

6 ڀرپور، ڊگھو، مکمل وغیره :

Take a good look at this photo

ھِن تصویر کی چگی ءَ ریت ڍسو ۔

7 واھه واھه ، سٺو ٿیو :

Is every one here Good Now let's begin

ڇآھر کو موجود آھی ؟سٺو۔ اچو ته شروع کریون ٍ­ظرف Well (چگی ءَِ طرح ).

good at some thing

کو سٺو کم کرڻ جی صلاحیت :

James is very good at tennis

جیمز ٽینس ۾ سٍٺو آھی ۔

good for you

توھان لا ءِ سٍٺی ، یعنی توھان کی خوش ۽ تندرست رکندڙ:fresh fruit and vegetables are good for you

تازو میوو ۽ ڀاڄیون تو ھان لا ءِ سٍٺیون آھن ۔

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English definition for good

1. a. having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified

2. a. morally admirable

3. n. articles of commerce

4. n. moral excellence or admirableness

5. n. that which is pleasing or valuable or useful

6. n. benefit

7. r. (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for well')

8. r. in a complete and thorough manner (good' is sometimes used informally for thoroughly')

9. s. promoting or enhancing well-being

10. s. having the normally expected amount

11. s. with or in a close or intimate relationship

12. s. thorough

13. s. generally admired

14. s. exerting force or influence

15. s. resulting favorably

16. s. not left to spoil

17. s. not forged

18. s. tending to promote physical well-being; beneficial to health

19. s. in excellent physical condition

20. s. appealing to the mind

21. s. agreeable or pleasing

22. s. most suitable or right for a particular purpose

23. s. capable of pleasing

24. s. deserving of esteem and respect

25. s. of moral excellence

26. s. having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude

27. s. financially sound

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