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پانی کا پودا

paani ka poda

دلدلی زمین وغیرہ

daldali zameen waghera





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1. n. a conspicuously marked or shaped tail

2. n. emblem usually consisting of a rectangular piece of cloth of distinctive design

3. n. stratified stone that splits into pieces suitable as paving stones

4. n. flagpole used to mark the position of the hole on a golf green

5. n. a listing printed in all issues of a newspaper or magazine (usually on the editorial page) that gives the name of the publication and the names of the editorial staff, etc.

6. n. a rectangular piece of fabric used as a signalling device

7. n. plants with sword-shaped leaves and erect stalks bearing bright-colored flowers composed of three petals and three drooping sepals

8. v. become less intense

9. v. provide with a flag

10. v. communicate or signal with a flag

11. v. decorate with flags

12. v. droop, sink, or settle from or as if from pressure or loss of tautness

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A flag is a piece of fabric (most often rectangular or quadrilateral) with a distinctive design that is used as a symbol, as a signaling device, or as decoration.
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