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چپٹے پیندے کی اُونچے اور نمائشی پہلووٴں والی چھوٹی کَشتی جِسے مچھلیاں پکڑنے کے لیے استعمال کیا جاتا ہے

chiptay penday ki umche aur numaishi pehluo wali choti kashti jِse machhliyan pakarney ke liye istemaal kya jata hai


English definition for dory

1. n. marine fishes widely distributed in mid-waters and deep slope waters

2. n. pike-like freshwater perches

3. n. a small boat of shallow draft with cross thwarts for seats and rowlocks for oars with which it is propelled

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The dory is a small, shallow-draft boat, about 5 to 7 metres or 16 to 23 feet long. It is usually a lightweight boat with high sides, a flat bottom and sharp bows.
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