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خمیدہ ہونا

khamida hona

مڑا ہوا ہونا

mura howa hona

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خم شُدن


English definition for curve

1. n. a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approach the batter

2. n. curved segment (of a road or river or railroad track etc.)

3. n. the property possessed by the curving of a line or surface

4. n. a line on a graph representing data

5. n. the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes

6. v. form a curl, curve, or kink

7. v. turn sharply; change direction abruptly

8. v. bend or cause to bend

9. v. form an arch or curve

10. v. extend in curves and turns

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In mathematics, a curve (also called a curved line in older texts) is, generally speaking, an object similar to a line but that need not be straight.
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