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۱ (اکثر قبل to) قریب قریب آنا۔
۲ عارضی طور پر بند کرنا۔
۳ راستہ روکنا۔
۴ (کسی سوراخ کا) چھوٹا ہوتا جانا۔
۵ اشتراک، اتحاد کرنا۔

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English definition for close up

1. r. very close

2. v. refuse to talk or stop talking; fall silent

3. v. unite or bring into contact or bring together the edges of

4. v. block passage through

5. v. cease to operate or cause to cease operating

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Close Up was a half-hour-long New Zealand current affairs programme produced by Television New Zealand.
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