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انبار ہونا

anbaar hona

پشتہ بندی کرنا

pushta bandi karna








English definition for bank

1. n. a flight maneuver; aircraft tips laterally about its longitudinal axis (especially in turning)

2. n. a building in which the business of banking transacted

3. n. a container (usually with a slot in the top) for keeping money at home

4. n. a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities

5. n. an arrangement of similar objects in a row or in tiers

6. n. a long ridge or pile

7. n. sloping land (especially the slope beside a body of water)

8. n. a slope in the turn of a road or track; the outside is higher than the inside in order to reduce the effects of centrifugal force

9. n. the funds held by a gambling house or the dealer in some gambling games

10. n. a supply or stock held in reserve for future use (especially in emergencies)

11. v. have confidence or faith in

12. v. cover with ashes so to control the rate of burning

13. v. enclose with a bank

14. v. tip laterally

15. v. put into a bank account

16. v. be in the banking business

17. v. act as the banker in a game or in gambling

18. v. do business with a bank or keep an account at a bank

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A bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits from the public and creates credit. Lending activities can be performed either directly or indirectly through capital markets.
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