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امریکی فِلمی صنعت جِس کا مرکز ہالی ووڈ کیلی فورنیا میں واقع ہے یا اِس کی کوئی فِلم

Amrici fِlmi sanat jiss ka markaz hollywood California mein waqay hai ya iss ki koi fِlm


English definition for hollywood

1. a. of or relating to the film industry in the United States

2. n. the film industry of the United States

3. n. a district of Los Angeles long associated with the American film industry

4. n. a flashy vulgar tone or atmosphere believed to be characteristic of the American film industry

5. s. flashy and vulgar

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Hollywood (/ˈhɒliwʊd/ HOL-ee-wuud, informally Tinseltown /ˈtɪnsəlˌtaʊn/) is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California.
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