Sms / Valentines Day

Syed Ali

Valentine day is not too far away
Everyone is waiting for their cards presents and chocolates galore
Lovers waiting for their valentine cards to come through the door
Chocolates perfumes and colourful flowers
Lovers waiting and pining for many precious hours
Valentine romantic candle light dinners
To get to your lovers heart they are the winners
A table for two just me and you
A quick drink and kisses that""s all to come
Valentine day is here and tomorrow it""s gone!!!
This special day is so welcoming and dear
This special day comes only once a year
Many get married on Valentine day
Many elope and hide away
Whatever you do on Valentine day
Please don""t get emotionally carried away
For lovers their will only be him and only be you
Look into each others eyes and say I love you
Happy Valentine Day to everyone

· 1 Like · Apr 17, 2007 at 02:04
Category: valentines-day

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