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Be My Valentine
This may be a little silly,
But I have a question for you,
Will you be my valentine?
""Cause no one else will do...
I know you are my boyfriend
But will you be my valentine?
I can""t think of anyone else
I""d want to have as mine...
No one else gives me the tingles
The way you always do,
So, will you be my valentine?
So I can share this with you...
No one has ever kissed me
And sent chills down my spine,
Until the night you kissed me,
So, please be my valentine...
Like I said this is silly,
But I have one last question for you...
If you agree to be my valentine,
Can I be yours too?

· 1 Like · Jan 06, 2015 at 13:01
Category: valentines-day

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