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once 3 freinds gather ,in a hotel & order for khichdi & asli ghee;a big plate of khichdi with a dipression in the center of khichdi filled with ghee!!!each one wanted to have more ghee
so 1 of them makes a line from the dipression tohis side in such way that ghee started flowing to his sidesaying that there will be 1 line of good people
onthe dooms day,the second friend makes 2 lines saying that there will be 2 lines 1 of good &1 of bad!the ghee started flowing to his side of the plate
through 2lines! the third friend knew not what to do? he mixed the whole ghee here & there& said,"" aisa kuch nahin hoga us din sab taraf afra tafri ka aalam hoga!sying he mixes ghee here & there!!!!!!!!!!

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