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Shaheen Fatima

From : Pakistan
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Shaheen Fatima


Iustad (teachear) class say ka tum na
class mani sharafat say bathana ha abhi
head master shab ka round shab ka
round ho gay thori dar ka bad class sa
bhot shor att ha iustad class sa kahata
ha mani na kha ha sharafat sa bathana ha
to shore kas ha ka ik lirka katha ha ka
sharafat bhar pani(water) pana gaya ha.

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Shaheen Fatima

Acutally Fad, Thoray Paisay!

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Shaheen Fatima

1 Waqya

aik maa aur beta ice cream khaate hoe jaa rahay hote hai to bete ki ice cream gir jaati hai beta ice cream khaane lagta hai to maa kehti hai k mat uthao use giri hoi cheez ko nahi utathe gaye hai phir thoda aagay jaatay hain to maa gir jaati hai maa bete ko kehti hai k beta utao mujhe to beta kehta hai k ammi jaan aap hi ne to kaaha tha k giri hui cheez ko nahi utahtay

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Poetry / General

Shaheen Fatima


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Poetry / Sad

Shaheen Fatima

Mera Dil Yeh Chahta Hai

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Poetry / Sad

Shaheen Fatima

Halki Si Muskan.

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Jokes / Miscellaneous

Shaheen Fatima

Sharabi Shohar

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Shaheen Fatima

A Wife Was Calling Out For Her Husband From The Kitchen.

A wife was calling out for her husband from the kitchen to help her with the dishes, but did not get a response.

She went looking for him in the bed room and found hubby asleep on his files, tired of work.

She walked closer to him, looked at the innocent face, played with his hair softly, sweetly and.....
....slapped his face!!!

The husband got up with a shock and asked what happened??!?!

That''s when the wife showed him her phone which showed....

"Last seen on whatsapp 1 minute ago"

sometimes technology... :D :) :D

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Category: miya-aur-biwi
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Shaheen Fatima


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Shaheen Fatima

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Country : Pakistan

Followers : 0  
Total Updates : 62
Member Since : Dec 13, 2012
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